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Center Volksmarching Event

Community Center built by WPA.

Built circa 1839.

New Shelby County Courthouse.

Metal flowers..

Clocks don't agree on time.

Circa 1875.

Dogwood tree still blooming.

Nice home.

I like the rock homes.

Monkey laughing at us.

Rock garden and pansies.

Pavilion in the lake.

Carol, Ed, and a really nice rock wall.

Mural on building looks real.

Iris and Snowball Bush.

Circa 1890.

Circa 1900 - Shelby County Museum.

First Christian Church.

Old Courthouse (The Irish Castle).

Old County Jail.

Farmer's State Bank.

Old Movie Theatre

Methodist Church Cemetery.

Graves covered in seashells..

Another pink house.

Bench on the courthouse square.

Memorial to the men who died for the Republic of Texas.

Texas Historical Marker for the Old County Courthouse.

First Methodist Church.


Azalea lined path.

Nice home.

Baptist Church

Another look at the sunken Pavilion.