Falfurrias Seasonal
Brooks County
Walked on 03/21/14




Walk starts at the Brook County Courthouse.

Side view of courthouse because trees block front.

Veteran's Memorial.

Another Memorial.

Small Church.

Bottle Brush Tree.

Some type of sculpture surrounded by cactus.

Ed and Carol

Nice house.

Orange tree and cactus with Easter Eggs on the cactus tips.

Cactus about to bloom.

Strange (to us) tree.

Pretty blooms.

Catholic Church.

Historic marker for Catholic Church.

Behind the Catholic Church.

Another historic church.

Easter decorations.

Blooming yucca.

Falfurrias Water Tower.

More Easter decorations.

Another nice old church.

Pretty Bougainvillea.

Nice house and more Bougainvillea

We passed the county fairgrounds.

Another war memorial.

Waterfall and Eagle behind the war memorial.

Another Texas Historical Marker.

Closed movie theatre.

Lousiana Iris.

View of old downtown.