Fredericksburg Volksmarch

Pricilla and Heinz working registration.

Ed filling out his registration.

Phyllis working start table.

Joanne and Carlen working finish table.

Ed and Carol starting the walk on Main Street.

Flowers on Main Street.

Another view of Main Street.

Carol and Ed with Admiral Nimitz.

Lawn furniture store.

We passed the museum.

We passed the cemetery.

Manmade wall with cactus plants.

Walk route entered the residential area.

Pretty Crape Myrtle.

Walk qualified for TVA
Texas Historical Marker Program.

Volksmarchers from Boerne.

Rick working Checkpoint #1.

Volksmarchers at the checkpoint.


Another Whirligig.

Black Eyed Susans against a white picket fence.

A new home built in the old style.

Items for sale outside store on Main Street.

Bust with wreath at Marktplatz.

Pioneer Museum.

Barbara and Mary Ann
Tarrant County Walkers

Walkers visiting after the walk.

David talking to Carlen.

I replaced Robert and Suzanne at Checkpoint #3.

Greg approaching Checkpoint #3.