Frisco Volksmarching Event

Helen and Debra.

Bonnie and Brooke.

Carol, Ed, Sherri and I walked together. The walk started out through the Texas Sculpture Garden which wondered around office buildings and lakes.

Metal Alligator.

Momma Mallard with one duckling.

The rest of her brood.
Momma Goose only had one gosling.

Walkway around one of the lakes.

One of the bridges with skyscraper in background.

One of the fountains in the lakes.

We entered the Prosperity Bank lobby for more sculptures.

Back outside we continued our walk.

Entrance to Frisco as we leave the Texas Sculpture Garden.

Dr. Pepper Ice Center where the hockey team plays.
Fence around Dr. Pepper Ballpark.
Where the Frisco Rough Riders play.

Picture through the fence of the field.

Statue out front.

Impressive entrance.

Lesley manning checkpoint.

Large glass sculpture inside the Embassy Suites.

Bronze cattle drivers campground and the trail drive. There were also three obelisks with history panels at their base. We then came to the "Stampeding Cattle".

Bronze panels and fountain behind the stampede.
Heidi and Gary caught up with us.

Heidi, Sherri and Gary.

Donna and Gary also caught and passed us.

Walk continues across this bridge.

Carol and Ed.

We passed this waterfall.

Another waterfall.

Walking back along the edge of the sculpture garden to the finish.