In Memory of Our Walking Friends Lost in 2014


Helen and Carlen, working this event.

Half of the Memorial.

Other half of the Memorial.

Old St. Mary’s Church, also known as “Die Alte Kirche” and “the Marienkirche”, this stone church dates from 1863, and served as the parish Church until 1906.

New St. Mary’s Church built in 1906.

Home with a historical marker. Built in 1847, the Kuenemann House originally featured half timbered construction, then in the 1880s the gingerbread porches and tin ornamentation were added, turning it into a beautiful Victorian.

A nicely decorated home.

Ed on the trail. It was cold but not windy.

Another pretty home we passed.

What a cute frog sitting on a roof.

A whirligig and a nicely decorated yard light.

Walkers that passed us on the trail.

Cute yard decoration.

Water wheel very far from the water in the creek below.

Unbelievable. Had to take a picture of this.

Old Peanut Factory… not sure if they processed peanut oil or what.

The whole factory area.

1894 Private Pullman Palace Car/6666 Pullman Train Car
Bed and Breakfast.

1952 Ford Station Wagon.

Holy Ghost Lutheran Church.

This two-story stone structure served as the fourth jail for Gillespie County. It was constructed in 1885. The ground floor housed a holding area and living quarters for the jailer. the second floor had two steelclad cells located against the east wall and maximum security cells in the center and at the back. The building was used as a county jail facility until 1939.

Nicely decorated storefront.

We passed the school entrance. Nice arches.

Another nicely decorated house.

We passed this large cemetery.

Betty Boop out front of the Hip Dingo store.