Ozona Year Round Event
Crockett County
Walked on 09/01/14




Walk starts at Chamber of Commerce.

Interpretive Trail.

Butterflies in the garden.

Morning Glories.

Pretty Church.

Nice house.

Pretty House with huge Deadora Cedar Tree.

New house built in old style.

Nice house.

Another pretty church.

Yard decoration.

Another nice house.

County Museum.

Steam Machine display on museum lawn.

Historic marker for Crockett County.

Davy Crockett Statue.

Pretty fountain.

Fire and Police memorial.

Mandavia Vine.

Pet pig instead of a dog.


Nice gate.

Bottle tree.

Water garden

Old bank building.

Old Ozona Hotel.

Park Pavilion.

Crocket County Courthouse.

Wagon on display.

Pretty wildflower.