Port Lavaca (Calhoun County) Volksmarch

Helen getting us registered.
Rose and Deborah in background talking.

Deborah, Helen, Joann and Carlen.

Old Movie Theatre with mural.

Walk qualified for TVA
Texas Historical Marker Program.

Walking along the bay.

Last look at the water as we turned inland.

Walk did a loop in the cemetery.

Our Lady of the Gulf Catholic Church.

Ed and Eveline.
Picture by Carol

Blooming plant

Veteran's Memorial on Courthouse.

Calhoun County Courthouse circa 1959

Roses in bloom.

Nice mural on tire store.

Carol trying out the chairs.

Ed liked them too.
Picture by Carol

Nice storefront.

Pot for sale complete with lizard.

Old RR Depot

Seagull decoration.

Another seagull decoration.

Nice house with carriage on front porch.

Gypsy Wagon

Shirley cleaning up cans along the walk route.

First view of Half Moon Reef Lighthouse

Historical Marker for lighthouse.

Fog bells which the keepers
had to sound by hand.

Lighthouse moved here in 1979.

Dianne working checkpoint.

Bird watching platform at end of walkway.

Ed and Eveline walking out to the platform.
Picture by Carol.

Nice Pit Bull that adopted us.

Eveline enjoying the view.
Picture by Carol.

Roseate Spoonbills

Crane surrounding by sparkling sea.

Stone jetty with chemical plant in background.

Tide is out, lots of clam shells.

Individual piles of shells.

Hwy 35 Bridge over the bay.

Volksmarchers looking around the cemetery.

Rose outside the cemetery.

Nice old building.