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Grindstone Lake Trail Volksmarch 6K
October 12, 2014

View of Grindstone Lake.

Trail markers.

Lake still in view.

Carol on the trail ahead.

Ed passing dry creekbed.

Another view of the trail.

Cliffs at this end of the lake.

Eileen and Tita ahead of us on trail.

Consulting the map.

More trail markers.

Ed on the trail.

Another view of the lake.

Carol and an interesting tree.

We were walking along the edge of this drop off.

Trail curves around and goes back along other side.

Volksmarchers headed back in.

Carol and a view of the dam.

Ed and a view of the cliffs.

Fall color here too.

View of the trail.

Turnaround at the top of the dam.

The parking area is directly across the lake from us.

There is a snow covered mountain hiding behind the trees.