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Turkey Canyon Trail Volksmarch 10K
October 11, 2014

Trail marker at start of trail.

Trail follows the creek.

It's just a trickle.

Easy crossings compared to yesterday.

Trail is steady uphill.

Still continuing along the creek.

A washout along the trail.

Small waterfall below another crossing.

Another view of the creek.

Another washout area.


Fall colors.

Trail a little wider here.

Carol and a view of the trail.

Ed and a view of the trail.

Smooth trail here.

Pretty red leaves.

Bigfoot's cave.

Last night's rain brought down a lot of the leaves.

Pretty Aspens.

Susan and Joe on their way down.

Eagle's nest?

More fall color.

Algae covered boulder.

More fall color.

The beginning of the stairs.

They continued on up the hill.

Ed taking a short break.

Last rocky scramble to the top.

Resting at the top.

I made it to the corral at the top!

View from the top.

Okay, so it wasn't the top.
But it was the turnaround point.
Will and Floyd.

Small cactus.

Thick moss.

Volksmarchers from Boerne.

Brook, Helen and Bonnie.

Volksmarchers from San Antonio and Portland, OR.

Volksmarchers from Seattle, WA.

Another volksmarcher.

Carol talking to Gary and Bart.

Dave and Henrietta

Marilyn and Bill keeping the trail records.