Sarita Seasonal
Kenedy County
Walked on 03/22/2014




Picked up a walking companion right off.

Disturbed a cat sleeping on the roof of an old house.

A puppy joined the walk.

Back side of the Kenedy County Courthouse.

Field of flowers.

Old lumber yard.

Sarita water tower with Kenedy brand.

One of several horses in town.

Largest Mesquite Tree I've seen.

Loose Guinea Hens.
They are usually speckled (grey/black).

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church.

Side entrance to church.

Sarita School.

Walking the road out of town.

Wild flowers.


More wildflowers.

Carol taking pictures too.

Fuzzy wild flowers.

Ed pointed out the cotton tail.

Another field of flowers.

House with brand design over the door.

Kenedy Pasture Company (Museum).

More of the museum buildings.

Front of Kenedy Courthouse (back to the start).