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Shoreacres, TX

Walk start volunteers.

Volksmarchers ahead of us on the trail.

Ship off in the distance.

Walking along the bayou (didn't see any alligators).

Sample of homes we saw.

This one has round rooms on the end.

Carving on a post at park.

Park entrance.

Short boardwalk section.

Checkpoint #1 volunteers.

Passed by the city entrance.

Checkpoint #2 volunteer.

Volksmarchers at the checkpoint.

First view of historic home.

Front of the same home.

Our first view of the Gulf.

Event qualified for the TVA Historical Marker special event program.

Yacht club entrance.

End of land.

Flags flying at the Yacht club.

The "Tree House" completed in 1932. The house is so named
because of the "Faux Bois" pine trees (made of concrete)
that hold up the porch.

Pelicans on posts.

Last view of the sailboat before turning inland.

Nice mailbox.

Another nice mailbox.